akaroa's Potters Croft - We provide the perfect garden wedding ceremony venue.

For an Akaroa wedding ceremony  in a garden, here is your perfect venue.

Our 3 acre Akaroa garden of Potters Croft has an area below the pond which is flat, and many of our wedding ceremonies take place here, overlooking the pond and in the shade of 3 magnificent scarlet oaks.

A long native plant border runs the length of the road boundary, hiding the garden from the road. A long rose arbour opens out onto this area.There are several choices of wedding ceremony settings, depending on numbers of guests and time of year.

We have a large deck area around 2 sides of the 2 storey house which can be used in bad weather, and clear plastic sheeting can be pulled down on the widest part.

 We are no longer hosting wedding receptions, as the land is not flat enough for a marquee.

 A round table and two chairs are provided for the signing. There is also a large chiller for storing champagne and food.

There are several local caterers, photograhers,marriage celebrants and a wedding planner , who we can recommend.

Contact jocstew@xtra.co.nz

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